Janet Hiebert
Glass Artist

Oakland, California



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Artist's Statement


The luminescence of light and color that is inherent in glass art has become a point of departure for my work in kiln-fired glass. The color and intensity of glass enticed me first to design and fabricate stained glass, and eventually to experiment with fused and kiln cast glass.

Kiln firing alters the glass from a "solid" state to a viscous fluid and back again to a "solid" state. The heat transforms the individual layers into a cohesive form. The kiln firing is always an adventure; the metamorphosis of the material is an integral part of the art process.

My recent works combine earlier studies in painting and drawing with the glass media. Graphic images are drawn on individual layers of glass with vitreous powders creating an illusion that is only complete when the layers are fused together in the kiln. The depth and detail revealed in the final combination of the layers forms an elusive moment in time.

I like working with glass because it is fragile, yet simultaneously, enduring. Glass is a challenging medium that allows me to use ancient techniques to express contemporary design ideas. Although I look forward to exploring new directions in glass, the fundamentals of past disciplines are essential to my current endeavors.